Zalando Interview Experience

Abhinav Kumar
5 min readFeb 20, 2023

My Zalando Interview experience for Senior Frontend Engineer

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This is my last story in the series “My journey to Germany as Software Engineer”. I have added links for other parts of the stories at the bottom.

Let’s begin..

I am adding details below, about the role, location, etc.

Role: Senior Frontend Engineer

Designation: Senior Software Engineer

Location: Berlin, Germany

Interview Mode: Online

Result : Selected

Online Coding Test

The coding test was on the codility. The problem statement was pretty straightforward. It was a home take test for 3 hours.

“React-Node-based application to design a search box with auto-suggestion list on every keystroke.

Search Box Example

I have implemented it with the react and node and added the required test case.

The solution was accepted and In my opinion few things that we should care about while submitting a solution like this.

Implement basic required features

Write better Unit Tests (add multiple scenarios)

Write better comments in code for each function and complex logic

Related variable names (do not use foo, bar, etc)

Implement some technique for better Performance (used debouncing in keystroke event)

Always keep in mind, when the problem is complex in nature, It means evaluating your problem-solving skill and abilities to break down big problems into small ones and then solve them.

And when the problem is straightforward and easy implementation. It means they want to know “how beautifully and perfectly you can solve the problem. “ Because they are aware of it that this problem can be solved by a lot of candidates.



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