My journey to Zalando SE Berlin (Part 4)

Abhinav Kumar
6 min readJan 27, 2023

My journey to Zalando SE Berlin, The Starting point of fashion

Zalando office, Near Berlin Wall
Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

This is my first series of stories, that I decided to share with a wider audience. In this series, I am sharing stories about my learning experience about “How I moved to Germany as a Software Engineer?” For simplicity and to keep your valuable time, I have divided this story into multiple parts. Links are at the bottom.

In this part, I will be going to share the complete timeline of my journey. How did I start applying for jobs? How did I land in Zalando SE? How much time did it take to change my job and relocate to Germany?

so, let’s begin…

The Kickoff

I created my resume, portfolio, and cover letter based on my personal research I made changes to formats and text, which would be another write-up if I start in detail. Maybe I will write it later and link it here. I started applying for jobs in December 2020. I dedicated 30 minutes in the night after dinner, looking for jobs and applying for them on multiple channels together 5 jobs per day. I did it continuously for two months. Initially, I was not getting any reply from HRs, The reason was they take 2–3 weeks to send us confirmation whether my profile is shortlisted or not for the interview. And this is the very common timeline for companies in Europe.



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