Moving to Germany is now easier than ever with the new point based opportunity card

Abhinav Kumar
3 min readJan 4, 2024
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This is an extension of my story series Moving to Germany as a Software Engineer (Part 1). You can read about my complete journey of moving to Germany as a non-EU citizen.

Germany recently introduced Chancenkarte (opportunity card), a brand new German Opportunity Card Program that allows a non-EU skilled worker to move to Germany 🇩🇪 and find employment. Until now, applicants from non-EU countries had to show a permanent employment contract or be considered a recognized skilled worker to work in Germany.

So, the opportunity card is here to things easy for skilled worker migration.

Being the largest economy in the EU, Germany currently facing a huge labor shortage last year it was 400K. That is why the German Federal Government introduced this new Chancenkarte immigration system.

so, let’s understand how and what.

Easy and fast entry into Germany is possible

Now, you do not need a job contract in Germany to move here and get a work permit.

Good chance of a qualified part-time/full-time job

Chancenkarte is a point-based system, so if you are eligible, just apply for the work permit and it allows you to stay in Germany for 12 months (although you need to show funds for managing your living for that period). You are allowed to do a part/full-time job or seek permanent employment during that period. So Chancenkarte is the guaranteed work permit.

Securing your livelihood with a good income

Once, you get your permanent job, your work permit can be extended depending on your job contract or like a Blue Card for a duration of ~4 years. Social and financial life is quite balanced here in Germany, so you can earn and save quite a lot even being a family.

I my been living in Germany for almost 2 years and I can truly feel the difference. How a noncapitalist society looks and what you get being part of it. I have a plan to write a details blog about social, financial, and family life here in Germany but that is for another day.



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