What Germany offers you? (Part 3)

What Germany offers you?

Abhinav Kumar
4 min readJan 22


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This is my first series of stories, that I decided to share with a wider audience. In this series, I am sharing stories about my learning experience about “How I moved to Germany as a Software Engineer?” For simplicity and to keep your valuable time, I have divided this story into multiple parts. Links are at the bottom.

In this part, I will be discussing, why Germany is a good option. What does Germany offer to its citizen and workers? How they support their people.

So let’s begin…


Germany is 4th strongest economy in the world with a GDP of $3.85 trillion in 2022 and 1st in Europe with a population of 83.2 million as of 2021. Germany is the central location for business in Europe. Being one of the strongest economies, there is no lie it currently facing high inflation and cost of living because of Covid recovery and Russia Ukraine war. But Germany still doing far much better than other economies. The German government provides support and subsidy during the energy crises. Be it transport (making public transport cheap), taxes (decreasing tax slabs, so people can have more money in hand), bonuses for employees and students, or pensions Germany currently trying to keep steady economic growth and control inflation.

Somewhat Germany making good progress by providing such support to residents in uncertain economic conditions. Germany is most likely to avoid this global recession in 2022–23.


Germany is located quite well, consider in central Europe. Being on a Blue card, Work Visa or Student Visa. You can easily travel to a different European country with the fastest European rail network. If you want to explore and travel Europe, Germany can be the best place to live and travel around.


In Germany, everyone is insured by either public (Government) Health Insurance or Private Health Insurance. Even if you visit Germany for a week, you need travel insurance, and this basically makes things easier for health care infrastructure, where everyone is insured, then there is nothing to worry about medical or doctor consultations bills.



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