• Deepika Jha

    Deepika Jha

  • Shilpa Rai

    Shilpa Rai

  • Nokutenda Badza

    Nokutenda Badza

  • Felix Cabrera

    Felix Cabrera

    A.k.a. Felix The Dev. Teacher, writer, tutor, software developer, and coach. youtube.com/c/FelixTheDev yadielcabrera.com

  • Pinaki Ghosh

    Pinaki Ghosh

  • anees honey

    anees honey

    I am blogger and content writer as well

  • Levent Wellness

    Levent Wellness

    Creating stories about wellness, personal development, social media, and life. Occasionally I also write out a dose of truth about my life…

  • Shobhit Mehra

    Shobhit Mehra

    Working with an IT Company as a Product Analyst with over 12 years of experience , I have interest in building chatbots and apps for voice assistant devices

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