A girl on the street at midnight

Abhinav Kumar
2 min readJan 4, 2023
A street light at night
Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

It was a tiring Thursday. I was on the way to my house. It's 10 C and a cozy winter night. Nature was too cruel that day, adding a topping of chill wind that was sharper than a knife and enough to make your nose red. The street was completely empty. I was enjoying my favorite music by putting on my earphone but ‘the best music has been played by the nature that night’ and it pleases me more than anything when I hear the sense of silence, chanting of leaves, an empty street, and the speed of the wind. Nature nicely decorated the moments to make me lost.

I have just taken the last turn on my way home. I found her sitting on the street folding her legs. There is a tiny dog with her more or less looks like a toy, but before I could imagine more, he is annoying her with his long hair and by shaking his head around her face. She is damn busy arranging a bunch of papers.

She was in blue denim jeans and has a pretty British face and curly brown hair. The cold and winds had done a great job to make her nose and chicks red which makes her more beautiful at the moment.

There is a man who later joined her and was given a container filled with some glue or paste. She started pasting them on paper one after another.
It was the coldest night of the season. But it doesn’t affect her at all. She was so lost with glue and paper. Coldness, headlights of vehicles, cold wind her dog they all tried well to disturb her. She is so lost she doesn’t even care about her hair being poured into a glue container. A girl loves her hair we all know, but that was the exception.

A 15-year-old girl and her passion and dedication for what she was doing, make me think. I wish We could have the same as what we used to do for our living hood. more or less the happiness she has on her face at the moment amazed me. And that I learned that night, no matter what you are doing if you are dedicated to it nothing can disturb you, nothing can stop you.

She keeps pasting glues on papers and her father, keeps them posted on the wall. Later I realized It was the poster for an upcoming music concert in the city.

Thanks for reading :) Happy New Year 2023

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